Speed Winch

Product Description:

Winch 25 is a stage winch for lifting and moving all manner of objects in and out of the stage area.

The motion of the winch can be stopped at variable positions with high accuracy.
2 DMX channels are merged into a 16 bit channel used to determine the stop position for the winch.


Technical Specifications:



Dmx Control Signal:

DMX 512 1990 + DMX512A / 6 channels used

5 pole XLR in & link

Lifting Height:

10m (33ft)

Lifting Capacity:

25kg (55lbs)

Lifting Speed:

Variable 5-70 cm/s (2-27 in/s)

Lifting Cable:

2mm galvanized steel wire, 8mm snap hook, MBL 281 kg (620lbs)


230mm x 250mm x 350mm


22kg / 48.5 lbs

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